Toddler III (3y)

Class Description

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In this program we encourage children to open their eyes to the larger world around them and to take an active role in it. They learn as they take things apart, put them together and ask lots and lots of questions. At Kidz Place, we encourage this development and give them the guidance and tools they need to explore and learn within a comfortable, secure environment.

Specific topics and subjects explored include:

  • Circle Time-during circle time we review days of the week, months of the year, seasons and weather. We also review the alphabet, numbers and sing songs.
  • Motor Skill Development – outdoor games, dancing, movement.
  • Language Development – recognizing and forming letters, story time, speech.
  • Sensory Development – textures, understanding the senses, descriptive activities.
  • Imaginative Development – arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling.
  • Social Development – large and small group activities, sharing, politeness.